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The development of the patented Thermax Cooling Technology has been a great boom to the civil industry all over the world as an acceptable alternative to the use of सरिया made from steel alloy with costly elements. The Indian Region, where CTD Bars have had a stranglehold for the past 2 to 3 decades, is today waking up to the benefits of the Thermax सरिया primarily on account of:

    - Superior product with consistent properties

    - High strength combined with high ductility

    - Better corrosion resistance

    - Better resistance to high temperatures, as in the case of fires

    - Easy manufacturing of different strengths of सरिया from nearly the same steel grades

    - Saving of 10-20% in steel consumption when using Thermax 500 सरिया in place of CTD Bar

    - Better fatigue resistance

    - Better weld ability

    - Easy and less construction time

    - Lastly, an ideal choice for seismic zones due to excellent ductility properties. This is of great importance for India
    because nearly 60% of the country falls in the high seismic hazard category.


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