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Why Moira सरिया ?

Bond strength
Although steel and concrete are two different materials. They have to behave as a single unit in a reinforced structure. This can happen only when the concrete grips the steel सरिया to from the strongest bond through the unique rib pattern of सरिया MOIRA Thermax सरिया has a unique rib pattern in terms of rib depth cutting machines. This ensures uniform rib pattern for 100% of the सरिया which allows uniformly strong bonding with concrete for the whole structure. This is sin contrast to the ordinary sariya where ribs are manually cut, which always leaves scope for non-uniform rib pattern and thereby non-uniform and weaker bonding throughout. The strength of Moira Thermax सरिया is much superior to ordinary sariya.
Bend ability
The special micro structure of Moira Thermax results in a सरिया with excellent bend ability. The सरिया can be bent easily and sharply. Moira Thermax सरिया  can be bent to the exact angle unlike ordinary sariya as desired by the design around mandrels, & is much smaller in diameters than what is specified in IS : 1786. This has obvious advantages at construction sites.
100% Weld ability
Moira Thermax सरिया due to its low carbon equivalent, has a good weld ability which is superior to ordinary sariya. It can be butt-welded or lap-welded, using ordinary rutile coated electrodes of matching strength. In manual arc welding, no pre-warming of post heat treatment is necessary.
Corrosion resistant characteristics
Moira Thermax सरिया is produced by QST Technology and not by cold twisting. Therefore, there are no torsional residual stresses in the सरिया which result in superior corrosion resistance characteristics compared to traditional cold twisted sariya. On account of its composite and uniform micro structure, Moira Thermax सरिया has comparatively  better corrosion resistant properties than other sariya, while being embedded inside concrete
Seismic resistance properties

Several studies were conducted on concrete beam column joints reinforced with Moira Thermax सरिया  to evaluate its performance under repeated reversed loading with large deformations s would be encountered during an earthquake. The energy dissipation was found to be almost same for each cycle; indication uniformly maintained ductility throughout the repeated stress cycles.

    • - Higher fatigue strength.
    • - Suitable for both compression and tension reinforcement.
    • - Accurate weight and maximum strength, thus economical.
    • - Each lot carries test certificate along.
    • - All finished goods store in covered sheds to avoid rusting due to rain and moisture.
    • - Higher tensile strength of about 30% than commercial brands.
    • - Thoroughly tested before dispatch.
      - Six over head cranes for loading and dispatch.
    • - Two automatic bending machines for easy banding and bundling of सरिया.
    • - Fully Automatic computerized sparkonix machine for best Rib and Lux cutting on rolls. 
      - Big mill size with huge production capacity for better availability of stock.
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