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CSR Initiatives

Moira endeavours to build a positive impact on society and is actively involved in executing its Corporate Social Responsibilities. Through our CSR activities, we encourage all our employees to contribute towards development of the society and wellness of the environment.

The objective is to help enrich the lives of people so that they can achieve their maximum potential. This also gives us the opportunity to fulfil our responsibilities towards a more sustainable community and environment.

We believe that every member of the community has a role to play in bringing a meaningful change to society. Hence, to fulfil our goal of imparting a positive impact on people, our CSR activities are focused on providing education, maintaining good health, and promoting a sustainable manner of living for a stable environment.


We at Moira believe that education lies at the core of building an efficient and progressive society. To play our role in achieving this objective, we have adopted two schools near Pithampur which are in need of financial support. We supplement these schools with better infrastructure by building toilets, classrooms, libraries; and augment their education process by providing them with books, computers, printers, projector, better furniture, and teachers’ salaries. Moira believes in providing opportunities and exposure to the children who attend these schools, and hence we regularly organise workshops for the students that apprise them about possible career options.


Moira perceives access to healthcare facilities as a fundamental right of every individual and strives to provide the same to people with limited means on a regular basis. We organise free health camps that conduct health check-ups for those in need. These medical camps also include pediatricians and gynecologists and provide tests, treatment, medicines free of cost. We also strive to provide financial assistance to patients on a case-by-case basis. To achieve better stability in terms of health for our society, there is a need for general awareness regarding proper health care practices. To fulfil this requirement, we run awareness programs in rural areas that educate people on health & hygiene, smoking and drinking habits, and basic sanitation.

Green Initiative

Moira believes that a cleaner and greener environment would go a long way in securing a sustainable future. We have taken initiatives that would take us a step forward in developing a community that is aware of its responsibilities towards nature and will continue to fulfil the same. To start with, we play an active role in environment protection by conducting routine tree plantation drives in villages as well as in the schools adopted by us. We also nurture the plants as they grow and take measures for their maintenance. We believe in effective participation of all our employees and encourage them to contribute to these activities in some way. The ready availability of clean drinking water is a basic right that the people in rural areas continuously struggle with even today. We have taken the initiative towards water conservation by deepening the ponds around the village areas to increase their water storage capacity that later aids in rain water harvesting. Furthermore, our ‘Rainco RWH’ water harvesting system installed in Dhar has the capacity of discharging 26 lakh litres of filtered rain water into the underground table via borewell casine. This will annually increase the underground water table by 6-8% while aiming to reduce the TDS level from 900 to 300 in the next 2 years.