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Moira TMT bars are Thermo-Mechanically treated steel bars manufactured using latest German Thermex technology. This technology involves subjecting the bars which are at a temperature of 1100 degree Celsius to a predetermined quantity of high pressure water after they have passed through the last rolling mill stand. The bars are then cooled at an ambient temperature to allow the hot core to temper the surface through thermal exchange.

This technique gives the TMT bar its characteristic property of having an inner soft core and a tougher outer core. Being amongst the leading TMT bar manufacturers in India with an annual production capacity of over 4 lakh tons, Moira produces high quality TMT bars ranging from 8mm to 40mm diameter in Fe-500, Fe-500 D, Fe-550, and Fe-550 D grades.

TMT bars are actively used in reinforced cement concrete due to their high tensile strength and ductility. The ductility lends these bars the ability to withstand fatigue for long periods of time, thus ensuring stronger structures which also last longer. TMT bars also possess the ability to elongate and bend without getting damaged and hence are the perfect choice for building materials in earthquake-prone areas. Their bendability and the capacity of getting moulded into any shape also makes these bars the most preferred choice for construction projects.

TMT bars are also declared to be stronger than conventional steel bars. They can give approximately 20% stronger concrete structures with the same amount of steel thus making them the preferred choice in construction projects.

Product Range

Moira Thermex TMT Bars are available in sizes:

Weight Specifications

Size of Sariya (Diameter) Weight per Meter (kg/mt) Tolerance % Rods per Bundle
8 mm 0.395 +/-7 18
10 mm 0.617 +/-7 12
12 mm 0.888 +/-5 5
16 mm 1.579 +/-5 3
20 mm 2.466 +/-3 1
25 mm 3.854 +/-3 1
28 mm 4.83 +/-3 1
32 mm 6.314 +/-3 1
36 mm 7.99 +/-3 1
40 mm 9.86 +/-3 1

Each Moira Thermex TMT bar is standardized at a length of 12 meters. It is packaged in a bundle with Moira Sariya branding and pink colour on the edges on both sides. We also produce TMT bars with customized lengths for large orders on request. Manufactured under complete computerized quality control tests, the surface of these bars is cross-ribbed for better bonding with concrete. Moira Thermex TMT bars are thoroughly tested at different stages in the manufacturing process and dispatch to ensure that they retain accurate mechanical and chemical composition thus ensuring consistent product quality. Moira Sariya Thermex TMT bars are set at a higher standard than Bureau of Indian Standards specifications which reflects in our commitment to provide consistently high-quality products leading to customer delight every time.

Product Grade

Moira manufactures reinforced steel bars of the following grades:


Fe-500 grade steel bars can yield minimum stress of 500 N/mm2. These bars can bend easily as they are produced under regulated manufacturing processes. These bars have easy bendability,

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Fe-500 D

One of the best TMT bars available today, the Fe-500 D grade bars have an ability to yield a minimum stress of 500 N/mm2 and possess a high percentage of elongation. ‘D’ in Fe-500 D grade denotes ductility.

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Similar to Fe-500, TMT bars of this grade differ by providing a yield of 550 N/mm2, and are actively used in construction projects based in marine, coastal, or underground environments. Fe-550

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Fe-550 D

Superior to Fe-550, Fe-550 D possesses a yield of 550 N/mm2, but has higher weldability, better ductility, and a higher ultimate strength. The ‘D’ in Fe-550 D, which stands for higher ductility

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ELEMENTS (Maximum%) Fe-500 Fe-500 D Fe-550 Fe-550 D MOIRA Fe-500
Carbon% 0.30 0.25 0.30 0.25 0.17 - 0.25
Sulphur% 0.055 0.040 0.055 0.040 0.050 Max
Phosphorus% 0.055 0.040 0.050 0.040 0.045 Max
Sulphur and phosphorus% 0.105 0.075 0.100 0.075 0.090


PROPERTY Fe-500 Fe-500 D Fe-550 Fe-550 D MOIRA Fe-500
Yield strength (N/mm2) 500 500 550 550 540
Ultimate Tensile Strength, Min (N/mm2) 545 565 585 600 610
Elongation Min (%) 12 16 10 14.5 18-21

Distinctive Features

Why Moira TMT Bars

Superior Bonding Strength

Although steel and concrete are two different materials, they have to behave as a single unit in a reinforced structure. This can happen only when the concrete grips the steel TMT bar to form the strongest bond through unique rib pattern of the TMT bar. Moira TMT Bars have distinct cross-rib (x-rib) pattern which gives them double the strength of an ordinary bar. The ribs are made using CNC notch cutting machines. This ensures uniform rib pattern for 100% of the TMT bars that allows strong bonding with concrete for the whole structure. This is in contrast to the ordinary sariya where ribs are manually cut, which always leaves scope for non-uniform rib pattern and thereby non-uniform and weaker bonding throughout the structure. Due to uniformity and critically designed ribs, fatigue strength of Moira Sariya is significantly superior to ordinary sariya.

Higher Bendability

Higher bendability in TMT Bars is a great advantage. TMT bars are required to be bent and moulded into various shapes as per requirements at construction sites. Moira TMT bar can be bent easily and sharply. Moira Thermex Sariya can be bent to the exact angle unlike ordinary sariya as desired by the design around mandrels, specified in IS:1786. The special micro structure of Moira Sariya results in a TMT Bar with excellent bendability.

100% Weldability

Due to its high weldability, Moira Sariya can be welded into various shapes thus giving architects and designers the freedom to innovate without compromising on the strength of the structure. Moira Thermex Sariya, due to its low carbon equivalent, has a weldability which is superior to ordinary sariya. It can be butt-welded or lap-welded using ordinary rutile coated electrodes of matching strength. In manual arc welding, no pre-warming or post heat treatment is necessary.

Better Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion resistance in TMT bars is a critical factor in construction. TMT bars carry bulk of the load of a structure and protect it against cracking. Corrosion in the TMT bar can compromise the strength of the structure. We take several measures to ensure superior corrosion resistant properties in our product. Our manufacturing process comprises addition of copper, nickel, and chrome to the raw material. This gives Moira TMT bars higher corrosion resistance than other TMT bars manufactured by primary and sponge iron-based plants. Additionally, the composite and uniform microstructure of Moira TMT bar gives it superior corrosion resistant properties as compared to ordinary TMT bars while being embedded inside concrete. Our TMT bars undergo rigorous tests to check for rusting through stringent salt corrosion testing methods. The samples are immersed in salt water and are then left to dry which reinstates assurance of our products’ quality standards.

Seismic Resistant Properties

Seismic resistant properties are critical in construction. The addition of manganese results in higher ductility of Moira TMT bars as compared to ordinary bars, thus making it earthquake resistant. Higher ductility ensures that the bar is able to elongate to a larger extent and therefore withstand high stress during an earthquake, protecting the structure. Several studies were conducted on concrete beam column joints reinforced with Moira Thermex TMT Bars to evaluate its performance under repeated reversed loading with large deformations as would be encountered during an earthquake. It was found that the energy dissipation was almost same for each cycle in all of the studies, indicating uniformly maintained ductility of Moira TMT bars in repeated stress cycles. These studies reinforce the superior earthquake resistant properties of Moira TMT bars.